Zane Kukutai-Seumanu

Zane Kukutai-Seumanu

Earlier this month, 10-year-old Zane Kukutai-Seumanu from West Auckland zoomed around the 2018 Halberg Challenge course, running laps around competitors. This is the second year in a row that Zane has competed in the Halberg Challenge, this time in team ‘Westside Wero’ alongside Tammy Davis and Te Arahi Maipi.

The Ranui Primary School student is a left leg amputee and has spina bifida, a condition that affects his spinal cord and mobility. In 2017 Zane received a handcycle through support from the Halberg Activity Fund and Invacare. He now enjoys bike rides on the school track with his classmates.

“I’ve seen the change in his confidence with having the bike and being at the same level as his classmates, it has made a big difference” says Ranui School teacher Trish Clueard. 

The Halberg Foundation delivered a ‘Halberg NET’ to Zane’s school in 2017. The inclusion training course gave his teaches all the skills, tools and confidence to adapt sports and recreation activities to ensure that Zane and all the students can be include in all school activities.

Zane also loves taking part in school sport and Halberg events. Last year he participated in the Saint Kentigern Halberg Junior Disability Sports Day and came away with the award for Most Promising- Athletics.

To check out Zane in action at the 2018 Halberg Challenge, click here.